Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Renamed the Blog

So on our holiday adventure of driving our "Grease Truck" (1980 VW Rabbit that runs on vegetable oil) 3,000 miles to visit family in Texas and friends in Denver and back to Utah we decided we should expand the blog to not only talking about building our straw bale house but also about us converting diesel cars to run on vegetable oil. Since we're actively involved in both.
Straw bale news:
Our latest success in the house world is that we were able to find a thousand feet of the pex tubing needed for our forced water radiant heated floor for $100! It should have cost us close to $1,000 but we've been keeping our eyes out for supplies at a mis-shipped freight store in Salt Lake called NPS (I'm sure there are stores like it in other major cities). Besides that we are in the process of getting bids from various contractors for things we won't be able to do ourselves, like excavation and foundation pouring.
Grease car news:
Did you know that more fuel is sucked in to your engine that is actually used? The left over gets sent back to the tank for later use. That is very important to know if you are burning grease... long story so let me know if you need more details in that. The truck has driven much better this Christmas trip since we learned the importance of proper grease purging to make sure no vegetable oil ends up in the unheated diesel tank.