Saturday, January 31, 2009

1st Plumbing Bid is in!

Proposal includes the following:
ABS drainage throughout home
All potable water throughout home in pex/copper water piping
1 Insulate tub with Moen posi-temp single handle tub/shower valves- chrome
1 Oval china lavs with Moen single handle faucets- chrome
1 Mansfield toilet with seat
1 Cast iron or stainless steel kitchen sink
1 Moen single handle kitchen faucet with spray- chrome
1 Half hp disposal for kitchen sink
1 water eater line and floor drain
1 Washer box and floor drain
1 Hose bibs (extra long frostless)
Supply ice-maker line for refrigerator and hoop-up dishwasher

Total: $3,350.00

We are just planning to have him do the ruff ins and then finish the installing of sinks and toilets, etc. ourselves. But we need the full estimate for the bank when it comes time to getting the construction loan.

So, at this point if we were to use both of these contractors and supplies we're looking at $14,172.00

The blue prints are out at 3 other subcontractors right now and it is getting exciting because we're within three months of breaking ground!!!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Excited about Volunteers!

It is so great how many people have said "I really do want to help build your house." Which I think is so great! It'll be a little bit like an old fashioned barn raising...especially the days that we'll be stacking the bales and and smearing the earthen plaster on the walls. So as we get closer and stay tuned for some fun!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our first estimate

Yesterday we finally got back our blueprints and an estimate from a guy who does excavation and concrete slab/footings. For our 1200 square foot straw bale home he is estimating it being around $9222 and then the extra it will take for the radiant floor is another $1600. That is all more than we expected. Russ then spoke with his electrician friend and he recommended another guy who he says does better work than the original. He also gave us names of two other sub contractors that we now have plans out to for estimates. So it really seems to be all about asking around- and finding out who would the people that know anything about construction hire to do work for them. So, stay tuned as the numbers keep rolling in!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Truck for sale and almost finished shed!

Just need it to be warmer than 12 degrees so we can paint!
Also here's a link to pictures of the grease truck that Russ fixed up and is hoping to sell or trade.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

All in a days work!

Now all we need is a front wall/door, some paint that dries at cold temperatures, and we're going to look for some used tin roofing to keep it from leaking! Hopefully this will all happen tomorrow. It is 8'x12', which is the largest you can build in our area and not have to get a building permit. It is definitely big enough to start storing things for the house until the ground thaws and we can start building the real thing! It was absolutely cold, but fun and absolutely worth the time and energy!

Grease truck trade and building in the snow!

Grease truck:
Russ recently fixed up a 1981 VW Rabbit pickup and converted it to run on veggie oil. He was hoping to trade it for a 1996 Passat diesel yesterday. But it didn't go thru. So the search will continue for a slightly more modern car to go with our 1980 rabbit truck for our grease.
Straw bale:
We are now proud owners of a nail gun and air compressor! And they will be immediately put to use today in the building of a shed. We will make sure to install only the most efficient appliances in our straw bale house- but everything else we are hoping to reuse as much as possible. For example, my mom recently remodeled her bathroom and gave us the old sink and light fixture and cabinet hinges and drawer pulls, etc. So now that we are in the business of collecting things, we need a place to store them. So today we build a shed!!!!