Saturday, January 31, 2009

1st Plumbing Bid is in!

Proposal includes the following:
ABS drainage throughout home
All potable water throughout home in pex/copper water piping
1 Insulate tub with Moen posi-temp single handle tub/shower valves- chrome
1 Oval china lavs with Moen single handle faucets- chrome
1 Mansfield toilet with seat
1 Cast iron or stainless steel kitchen sink
1 Moen single handle kitchen faucet with spray- chrome
1 Half hp disposal for kitchen sink
1 water eater line and floor drain
1 Washer box and floor drain
1 Hose bibs (extra long frostless)
Supply ice-maker line for refrigerator and hoop-up dishwasher

Total: $3,350.00

We are just planning to have him do the ruff ins and then finish the installing of sinks and toilets, etc. ourselves. But we need the full estimate for the bank when it comes time to getting the construction loan.

So, at this point if we were to use both of these contractors and supplies we're looking at $14,172.00

The blue prints are out at 3 other subcontractors right now and it is getting exciting because we're within three months of breaking ground!!!!!!

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