Saturday, January 3, 2009

Grease truck trade and building in the snow!

Grease truck:
Russ recently fixed up a 1981 VW Rabbit pickup and converted it to run on veggie oil. He was hoping to trade it for a 1996 Passat diesel yesterday. But it didn't go thru. So the search will continue for a slightly more modern car to go with our 1980 rabbit truck for our grease.
Straw bale:
We are now proud owners of a nail gun and air compressor! And they will be immediately put to use today in the building of a shed. We will make sure to install only the most efficient appliances in our straw bale house- but everything else we are hoping to reuse as much as possible. For example, my mom recently remodeled her bathroom and gave us the old sink and light fixture and cabinet hinges and drawer pulls, etc. So now that we are in the business of collecting things, we need a place to store them. So today we build a shed!!!!

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