Saturday, October 18, 2008

Other Straw Balers in Town!

Today we drove up north to sell a "grease car" (car that runs on used vegetable oil) to a new convert and then stopped by Lowes to start the cost estimating portion of our building adventures. There are so many things in the house that we want to find salvaged but one hting we know for sure is that we want the best and most efficient appliances. Looks like we'll be spending about $6,000 just on those!
On the way home we thought we'd check out a house being built in town that we heard was a straw bale. Sure enough... literally two blocks away from where we are going to build, there is a really nice older couple that are building their dream home, too. They were so nice to show us around their partially built home. They have the straw bale walls halfway up and are planning to start plastering by the end of next week! We are going to head over and help when we get a chance this next week.
They told us how they came to decide against radiant floor heating (do to expense, space, fear or a leak). We will be having a serious re-thought about what we decide to do as far as that goes. Also, how they came to decide on a regular asphalt shingled roof, instead of metal (because they didn't want a faded "ugly" roof to replace in their lifetime).
It was a fun and very helpful impromptu visit...we came home with a dvd on straw bale building and a list of local contractors that they used and recommended!

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