Monday, March 2, 2009

Going to the bank this week!

The total estimate is $71,433! That sounds a little crazy, I know. But I really think we're going to be able build it for closer to $60,000 b/c we're going to so much of the labor ourselves (which probably sounds crazier). The bank wants everything including labor. But it's all good, they will approve us for more and we will only pay interest on what we actually spend!

So the time line is:
Go to the bank for a construction loan by Friday (that can take up to 45 days- yikes)
Then we go to the city for approval and permits (that can take up to three weeks)
Buy then the ground will be thawed and we excavate and poor some concrete (hopefully within the month of April).
Build as much as we can!
Get married!
Go to Italy!
And come back and hopefully get it done enough to move in before September (when we start teaching, again).
We'll have to be done done and appraised for the bank by December (or 9 months from when we get the loan).
Big things happening in 2009!!!!

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