Monday, April 6, 2009

Ok so this is an on going project. As of right now the truck has a completely rebuilt engine, see pics below. I am willing to sell/trade the truck at any point during the process if someone is wanting to pick up the project mid way. I need the money/materials to build a house that I am starting on hopefully next week.
If you work for someone that could provide labor and skills or can get materials at cost I am willing to trade or combined anything to make a deal to save money on building the house. The following materials are needed:
lumber, 2x4's and such 300+
plywood for the roof
metal roof, green or blue, concrete work (in the next 3 weeks). post and beam materials.

The end goal for this truck is a full rebuild with new paint and a grease car vegetable fuel system. When all that is complete It will be selling for somewhere around $6000.00. As of right now I will take $3000 for it. The interior is still rough but good. The windshield is cracked but I have one. Most importantly it runs great and mechanically is DONE!

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