Saturday, March 10, 2012

Travel Queen Remodel Progress

Russ tore out the old kitchen and built a new frame.  
Mollie and I did a mosaic tile countertop for under $20.  
Russ will be putting in the sink, stove/oven, and cabinet doors in 
the next couple of days!

This view is from in between the driver and passenger seat.
We are still working out how to buy or make cushions at an affordable
price.  Under the bench on the right will be the water storage.
Under the bench on the left will be regular storage.
There will be 2 bunk beds in the back (4 twin size beds).  Our friend Casey,
says there is plenty of room for her on the bench on the left. :)

Notice the beautiful laminate wood-like flooring.
A custom table will be created for the space.

The curtain/blinds are in too good of condition to get rid of, so the
lovely colors for the space that we are working with are peach,
lilac, cream, white, and camel. 

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