Sunday, November 20, 2011

Italy large format photograph- 20 minute exposure

I realize that I haven't ever posted this photograph that Russ made on our Honeymoon in Italy.  It is a large format (4"x5" negative) image.  We were in Ferrara, Italy (where cars are not allowed!) eating dinner at a restaurant in the center of town across the street from the duomo when Russ decided to make this image.  Because it was dark it was going to be a super long exposure, approximately 20 minutes.  In not photography terms, he pushed the button to open the shutter and then 20 minutes later he pushed the button to close the shutter.  That is why you don't see me in the photograph, even though I walked thru it 3 times.  All you see are the things that were perfectly still for that 20 minutes and the lights on the bicycles that rode by.
A side note, shortly after Russ started the exposure (opened the shutter) I saw a guy balancing on a bicycle across the street (just to the right out of shot in this image).  Russ did a double take and then went to talk to the guy because he knew him from the SLC Bicycle Collective.  Crazy, right!?!  We were in Ferrara, Italy for one night and we ran into this guy who was there getting his doctorate.  

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