Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hopkins' Straw Bale Home Interior Photos

Big news that I haven't shared via the blog yet is that Russ and I are moving to Beijing for a year to teach dance and photography at a high school!!!! We are looking for a loving and kind person to rent and care for our home while we are gone. We are hoping to leave it furnished for whomever that person may be. If not we will pack away the un-needed furniture and things into the garage while we're gone. I've been meaning to take some better interior shots for awhile now. So here is what our straw bale home looks like after three years of love! I would show the guest room- but it is currently packed with things we are hoping to sell at our HUGE garage sale this weekend. It is funny how even in such a small home one can squirrel away all kinds of things that don't get used. It feels good to have spring in the air for cleaning and purging! Enjoy the photos!

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Anonymous said...

Your house is so beautiful! Kara