Friday, April 19, 2013

Our Home in a Magazine!

A couple of months ago an editor at SHEKNOWS magazine contacted us about highlighting our home in their sustainable living section.  It was a little funny to us because we just do what we do because it's how we want to do things.  We realize that building your home, insulated by straw, with your own hands and driving a car that runs on waste vegetable oil are definitely not for everyone.  But it is quite the compliment to have a total stranger recognize it as something other people might be interested in, too.

Click the links below to see/read the two little photo stories about our home. 
"Brittany and Russ Hopkins began construction on their home just one week after their honeymoon. The process was trial by fire but the result is a one-of-a-kind, beautiful straw bale home, leading the way for sustainable practices and stellar style." Constructing the Straw Bale Home

"Sustainable living doesn't have to skimp on style. Need proof? Take a walk through the Hopkins' straw bale home, a true testament to functionality and fun, chic ..." Straw Bale Style

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